Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am writing this post because 10 years from now, when I am happily working as a cantor in a wonderful congregation, I want to look back and roll my eyes and laugh at the week this institution is currently putting us through.

Consider yourself warned--this one ain't gonna be pretty.

First, I don't understand why 4 of my professors have put material onto their final exams that we have not yet studied or talked about in class...does something seem wrong with this? Are they looking for us to do badly on our exams?

Second, I am a FOOL for thinking I could manage finals, saying goodbye, packing, cleaning, shopping, and preparing to leave Jerusalem all in the same week. It's all going to get done because it has to get done...but it seems endless and a huge burden.

Third, I am in a constant state of mind-numbing exhaustion. Trying to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed all the time makes me want to do nothing but sleep.

Fourth, if one more rabbinic student brags to me about being done on Wednesday, or complains about feeling overwhelmed, I swear I am going to do something terrible to them. A bunch of people are going to a local bar to celebrate being done tomorrow, while the cantorial students (lucky us) have a final on Thursday. Our hardest and most intense final, I might add. So we'll be in the library or at home, studying out happy little asses off while everyone else is toasting to a great year. I love my rabbinic student colleagues, but I wish they'd respect the fact that they're not the only ones on campus...

(I promise none of the above bragging or complaining applies to my roommate...she's wonderful, especially because she loves me even when I am grouchy and mean, as I am right now.)

Anyone want to share a bottle of wine and some kind of delicious, fattening American food with me when I get home on Saturday?

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Anonymous said...

I get home Saturday too! We'll have to get together sometime in the next few weeks to catch up! I heart you!!!