Friday, May 16, 2008

Bushie's Back

A sign on the campus of JTS--this is the real reason I applied to HUC as opposed to JTS :)

These signs have been all over Jerusalem this week--right on, J'lem!

The security blimp that I can see every time I leave my apartment. I wave to it every time I am unlocking the gate at HUC--I'm sure Bushie appreciates my friendliness.

In the 8 years George W. Bush has been president of the United States, he has never once visited Israel.

Go figure the year I am here, he comes not once, but twice.

No one is exactly sure what he's doing here, or if he'll do anything all at to help the peace process, but one thing is for sure: he causes a giant mess every time he comes. Once again, the streets are closed, HUC is closed, helicopters circle our neighborhood constantly (and wake us up too early on our one day to sleep in) and security guards stand on every street corner.

I really shouldn't be complaining too much, since besides the traffic jams I really haven't had too many problems with his visit, but it's still a headache. And I have too many other things to worry about than crossing the wrong street (acc. to the security guard last night) or staying out of the watchful eye of the security blimp that hovers around the King David Hotel.

I have, however, told every non-American faculty member/person I know in Israel that I DID NOT vote for that man. Just so the Israelis don't blame me for him being here.

Thank goodness he'll be gone just in time for my last Shabbat in Israel, and our last, special Shabbat before we all go to our respective campuses. Where did this year go?

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