Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hospital Haikus by Tracy and Nicole

Nicole and I had an amazing adventure today at the E.R. of Hadassah Ein Kerem, one of the hospitals in Jerusalem. Nicole has had some health issues as of late, and thank goodness, after 12 hours, many stab wounds (AKA blood tests), cute male nurses and several vending machine trips, Nicole was pronounced okay. To pass the time, Nicole and I composed the story of our day in the form of an extended haiku. I hope you enjoy this style of storytelling as it tells you about our wonderful day in the Israeli E.R.

Nicole can not breathe
Gets dizzy sometimes also
Went to hospital

Nahag hamoneet (the taxi driver)
Told us how to live good lives
As we exited

Needle in her arm
Nicole is getting restless
Take the needle out!

Cute male nurse in scrubs
Talking to us in "Heb-lish"
Helps us to stay sane

Cord says "Pull for help"
On the chilly bathroom door
What if I pull it?

City of David
Outside the hospital walls
Looks pretty from here

Things take a long time
Waiting for Dr Mazal
Come tell us the news!

Vending machines here
Sell Dubonim and drinks (Dubonim=little bear shaped potato-chip like things)
Pay with credit cards (you can actually buy a coke from the machine with a credit card!)

Waiting room is cold
AC blowing all the time
We need our sweatshirts

Tired and hungry
Kids in waiting room are NUTS
Somebody save us!

Nancy is the best
The woman in charge of us
Checked in all day long.

School to reimburse
All the crap we ate today
This is quite the life

No homework was done
Hebrew, Bible or Grammar
Yossi will be mad (Yossi=both Nicole's and my Biblical Grammar teacher, who will not be mad in the slightest)

A taste of the world to come
No so dizzy now

Dr Mazal rocks!
She treated Nicole with care
Tov! Ezeh Mazal! (Good! What luck!)

See how much good you can accomplish in 12 hours? :-D

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