Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog Resurrection

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted here. It seemed that for awhile during my 3rd year of school, my life became rather monotonous: school, work, study, repeat. I didn't have nearly as much to say as I once did, when life in Israel and my first year in NYC were so exciting and new. While I was always experiencing new things through HUC and my pulpit work, none of them seemed particularly blog-worthy or special, thus I lost my motivation to write about them.

Now, however, life seems to be taking a dramatic turn once again. Or at least it will, as my last year of school begins and I transition from cantorial student to fully invested (or--as it would seem--ordained) cantor. This year feels different from any other; it's my last year as a student, and in some ways, it feels like my last year as a "kid." From this point forward, life will become all about grown-up things: thesis, recital, job-hunting, saying goodbye, moving and starting over yet again. Now that I think about it, it almost feels the same as when I was preparing to leave for Israel, when a whole new chapter of my life was about to begin, when I had no idea what the future would hold or where the next 5 years would take me. What a journey it's been, and what I journey it will continue to be as I work, study and sing my way through my last year of cantorial school.

I'm sure this year is going to bring big things professionally and personally, in ways I've never experienced before. For so many reasons, I hope you'll join me as I close the HUC chapter of my life and open myself up to whatever comes my way from this point forward.

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