Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day Back

Hi guys. I was really hoping I'd have some fun and interesting tidbits about the school year to share with you tonight, but sadly, I came out of orientation feeling more DISoriented and disappointed than I expected to. Poorly planned programming, mass amounts of disorganization, and a group of people I'm just not all that excited to be here with. I'm hoping things get better once real classes begin, but for now I'm very ready to throw my hands up and be done with this NY business. I could do the program at Cinci, right?

I did have a chance to spend some quality time with the C-Squad, which is always nice. I'm pretty interested to see if I form new friendships with some of the people I went to school with last year, especially the ones that never gave me the time of day before. I'm going to be optimistic here, though inside I'm highly doubting any new friendships will arise. I somehow want to try to meet people outside of this program, who have nothing to do with HUC or being a "professional Jew." No idea how that will happen, but I'll keep you posted.

In the days before school started, I'd been spending time getting to know my neighborhood and subway system. I live in a wonderful area, full of great restaurants and bars, bakeries, cute shops, and anything I could want or need. My subway is great, too--it's a straight 40 minute ride to school, with 5 minute walks to and from the train stations. In the city, it drops me off right by my bank (which is fab since there isn't a Bank of America anywhere close to me in Astoria) and a huge, 3-level K-Mart. I never thought I'd be so excited to see a K-Mart as I was when I discovered it yesterday. I also have a Lane Bryant about a mile from me, which is a really nice walk when it isn't too hot--and, it's far enough away that I won't go there too often to blow the money I don't have. Always a plus.

I want to write more about the apartment and my neighborhood, but I want to wait until I can take pictures again...I accidentally forgot my camera battery charger, so until it comes, I can't take pictures! As soon as I get it and can take pics again, I'll post pictures and brag about this apartment that I'm beginning to love.

And thank God I love this apartment--otherwise, I'd have run away by now.

I'm sorry this post is so boring...I really thought I'd be excited about today. I'm really, really hoping that I look back at this post at the end of the year and laugh at how silly I was for hating this campus.

I miss Israel.
I miss St Louis.
I miss normal life, without mass transit and obnoxious New Yorkers and an hour long commute to school.

I know it will get better. A routine will certainly help, as will meeting some new people and becoming friendlier with the ones I go to school with. Optimism is the name of the game now, I guess.

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