Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Have a Job!

It's been an exciting evening around here tonight--besides packing and gearing up for Belarus tomorrow, I found out a few hours ago that I officially have a job for next year! I will be working at Temple Beth-El in South Bend Indiana, serving once-a-month as a solo cantor with a rabbi who, so far, seems fantastic. Beth-El was my top choice out of the 4 synagogues I listed, so I am incredibly excited that it all worked out so well. I am happy that I will have the ability to come back to the Midwest once a month next year to escape the craziness that will be NYC and also to work with Midwesterners--the people that I can most identify with socially and Jewishly. I also think that I will have plenty of good opportunities to learn and grow by working with the rabbi of the congregation, who seems very sweet and on top of where the Reform movement is going. So excited.

Want to find out more about Temple Beth-El in South Bend? Here's the website:

Anyways, I am off to finish packing and get some sleep. Happy Pesach to all of you--can't wait to share my experiences with you as soon as I get back from my trip (cause y'all know by now that there'll be a blog about it...) Much love :)

חג פסח שמח
Happy Passover!

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