Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pictures of the Apartment!

Here's my apartment on Lincoln (pronounced leen-co-leen) Street, very close to HUC and not far at all from Ben Yehuda Street (the 'it' street in town.) I really like it here-the rooms are all a nice size (except the toilet, which is tricky at times for a clausterphobic like me.) I'm finally all unpacked and settled, and after Shabbat I am going to a sunrise concert on Masada, featuring David Broza (an Israeli pop-singer), Shawn Colvin and Jackson Browne, which I am incredibly excited about. I'm sure I'll have pics of that at some point down the line. I'll write soon about our first Shabbat here, which was definitely an event to remember. Hope everyone is well and enjoy the pictures!

BTW, my Skype number is up and running, so please feel free to call anytime. The number: 314-266-1882. It's free for both of us if you call me!

Our tiny little toilet-room (is that what you call a bathroom with no place to bathe?)

Our shower and sink. Here, as in many places in Europe, the shower and sink are in a different room from the toilet.

The view of Jerusalem from my kitchen window.

My bedroom. The bed is skinnier and longer than an American twin bed, and I'm pretty convinced that one of these nights I am going to roll over and fall off. It's a pretty comfy bed, though.

Our kitchen, which is small and runs on gas appliances, which I've never worked with. When we lit the stove for the first time yesterday, I told Steph that it was nice knowing her, just in case we should blow up our own apartment.

Our living room. We are going to get new slipcovers for the couches, as these are incredibly ugly and not actually slipcovers at all.

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Claire said...

So about gas kitchens in Israel...I had one...and did once manage to light the rubber hose on fire...which spreads REALLY fast...and almost burned down my apartment...

so watch least if it happens, know to turn the gas off right away which should cut things down a bit.